A portrait of Esteban, the first non-indian to cross the present states of Texas, Arizona and New Mexico.
This video won the 3rd place at the "Video Open Category" of the South Central Regional Conference and Competition on November 11-12, 2011 at Austin-TX

Also known as Estebanico, Estephan the moor, the black moor or Mustapha Zamuri.
Esteban was born around 1501 in the coastal city of Azemour in Morocco. After the Portuguese military retained control of the port, Esteban was captured and sold to Andreas Dorentes in 1522.
They both took part of the Navarez expedition.
His journey started in Santo Domingo and ended in Zuni pueblo in New Mexico.
Thanks to:
Professor Douglas Richmond - UTA
Professor Donald Chipman - UNT
Laurie E. Jasinski - Research Editor, Texas Historical Association