Brick & Click Conference - November 4, 2016

The number of international students attending US universities has jumped 10% in 2015 to reach a total number of 975,000 students. As of 2014, students identified as non-residents or international students at the University of Missouri – Kansas City reached 11% of the total enrollment representing 79 countries. However, academic libraries have not adjusted their services to meet the increasing needs of its changing population. The service for international students in academic libraries remains under-developed for many reasons.
At UMKC Libraries we decided to reach this segment of our population by celebrating the diversity of our students and promoting the library as a friendly and scholarly hub for international students living away from their family and friends and for whom the library has become a refuge and place for socializing and studying.
The International Students' Day at the Library features educational and entertainment activities prepared in collaboration with the student organizations. Speakers will share tips and lessons learned from activities such as planning, funding, identifying and securing speakers, collaborating with students, marketing, and other aspects of the event.


  • Gloria Tibbs, Organizational Development Coordinator at UMKC Libraries.
  • Fu Zhu, Research and Instructional Librarian at UMKC Libraries.